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5   Customer Service
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5   Overall Experience
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Crème de la crème Of Volkswagen dealers!!!

By Baking12 on 10/24/2016 at 3:52 AM. Helped by Willam Merlo, Ron Sowell and Ash Chowdhury.

Bethesda Volkswagen is the BEST VOLKSWAGON DEALER IN THE UNITED STATES!! If you want to buy a Volkswagen, don’t look any further than 7001 Arlington Road, Bethesda, Maryland. Volkswagen historically are known for producing quality cars with excellent reliability-so it was quite impressive to encounter the most customer service knowledgeable friendly staff on the planet[The VW Trio William Merlo (Sales Consultant), Ron Sowell (Product Specialist) and Ash Chowdhury (Finance Manager)] on my first visit to simply “check out” the 2016 VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN SEL. To make a long story short, it was quite a phenomenal experience-who knew shopping and buying a car could be so easy? 1) William Merlo LISTENED to me when I initially explained my interested not only in the Tiguan, but also the EXACT features I wanted-that is how I discovered the 2016 VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN SEL had all the features I wanted. As I was test driving it, Merlo pointed out various aspects of the car as well as functions that were of my interest (i.e. heated seats, sunroof). It was absolutely awesome to test drive the 2016 VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN SEL and ask all questions I had without the pressure to purchase. He is an ideal example of what a sales consultant should be like in mannerism, attitude and most of all knowledge of a car. And yes, he was available to answer any questions afterwards and still today. 2) Ron Sowell went beyond what I expected when I picked up my car-as he was explaining all the feature and controls-it was liked he built the car himself! This made me feel very confident and secure and he assured I was very familiar with features before driving off with my new car. In fact, I have even called and stopped by for additional feature questions, which he answered without hesitation. 3) Ash Chowdhury role as finance manager exceeded what I expect-it was a wonderful relaxing experience because he not only explained the various aspects Volkswagen financing in detail, but also took the time to explain each difference of the various extended warranties available. And I might add, it wasn’t just giving me information, but Chowdhury was quite patient to listen to my question as well as making sure I fully understood my option, even after I left and had more questions which he was too happy to answer. So overall, for anyone new to buying a car or even have owned several cars and looking for a Volkswagen, I give this place 100 STARS and 100 Thumbs up approval rating. The Super Trio of Volkswagen of Bethesda [Merlo, Sowell and Chowdhury] are what any consumer would be looking for in a car dealership without the hassle of purchasing, pressure of buying or most importantly LISTENING to what you desire in a car. KUDOS TO MERLO, SOWELL AND CHOWDRY! I nominate them for VOLKSWAGON Car Dealership Employees for 2016!!!

I would recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


1   Customer Service
2   Friendliness
1   Overall Experience
3   Price
1   Quality of Work

Avoid this dealer!

By Racerx12 on 8/27/2016 at 11:01 AM. Helped by Ron Sowell Sales, Ash Chaudry Finance.

Just bought a "brand new" Jetta from this dealer. 1. The car was not brand new, it had 300 plus miles on it and a damaged wheel. 2. They registered car loan with incorrect name and address. It's been a challenge to have this dealer replace damaged wheel which they agreed to replace. It has been a bigger challenge to have them correct the information with bank and DMV. VW prides in their customer service but have done nothing to fix these issues. If you buy a car from this dealer, make sure everything is perfect before you leave. Else, you'll get the runaround.

I would not recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


5   Friendliness
3   Overall Experience

Good shopping experience ended with identity theft.

By DS on 1/17/2016 at 1:38 AM. Helped by Mr. "Zee" (Zivojin Prokopic), Mr. Allen Kim, a smiling lady selling protection.

First, if you are into market for Volkswagen, Mr. "Zee" Zivojin Prokopic is the man you want to deal with. Friendly, no non-sense man who understands that you do not want to play silly games. I asked for final price and stated I was not going to negotiate afterwards and he made his managers give some acceptable number out. Truthfully, my emphasis was on not being willing to spend a single second on offers, counter-offers, etc. so I cared a bit less about squeezing every possible penny from their offer. The price was a bit over what I think could have been offered at other places but, to me, it was worth the simplicity and friendliness of transaction. Your mileage may vary but, neverthless, do yourself a favor and go straight to Mr. "Zee" and ask. I am sure it is possible to negotiate, if that is how you want to spend your weekend. Don't get me wrong, I paid a bit under invoice, if that is what would make you a satisfied customer. As usual, I had to listen to a small talk by a friendly lady trying to make a living by selling some silly protections. She is such a non-pushy and friendly smiling person that I, otherwise allergic to such sales pitches, managed to politely sit through those few minutes of her futile attempts. Next was Mr. Allen Kim, the guy you give your money to. He was quick, non-pushy, and professionally cold which was all appreciated by me. I suspect he was forewarned by Mr. Zee that I had no interest in listening to usual talk, but was into giving a check and taking a car or would leave to take my business elsewhere. Again, until today (almost a month) I had no complaint about anybody so far, not even Mr. Kim who is "The Dreaded Finance Guy". Here comes the twist and imperfect rating for the whole dealership despite unusually nice Mr. Zee and perfectly acceptable other people. License plates (I was an out-of-state buyer) arrived to my home from the dealership a day or two before the letter I have received today was written. The letter arrived on the same day as my car title, meaning that the car has been mine and only mine since the moment I gave the check to Mr. Kim. From the first moment, I emphasized and repeated, over and over, that I was not interested in any kind of financing and would be paying full amount in any way they preferred. Personal check, money order, banker's check, cash (as in "dollar bills" in the suitcase). My only requirement was no talk about any kind of financing. I had no interest or time to waste on that. Everybody obliged and we settled on my personal check with a little caveat that they would check my credit history to see if it is ok to get the check on over $30000 and let the car go. I kind of bought the explanation and decided it was ok. What a wrong assumption. Mr. Kim, among other papers, gave me a paper to sign that I am aware they checked my credit score with Equifax. I specifically inquired if that was the only reason and he reassured me it was because I was paying whole amount with my personal check. I left the dealership quite satisfied with whole experience and would have recommended it to anyone. Until today. The letter, written after the plates were already on my car and the title was in the mail, stated that Ourisman of Bethesda wanted to thank me for "applying to us for auto financing". They went further to express their sorrow because they could not provide credit to me at this time or under the terms I requested. It even listed my credit score the decision was based upon (over 800, so go figure how that decision was actually made). It is not that I only felt mad reading the letter, but it is that it is actually a crime punishable by prison terms. I have never applied for the loan and was very clear from the beginning that I would not ask for the loan. Still, according to this rejection letter, someone did use my name and applied for a loan without my authorization and request. It is called identity theft and loan was applied for at the place I conducted business with, not so long after my purchase (car purchase December 17, 2015 and rejection letter January 6, 2016). Luckily, loan was rejected but the feeling of being violated remains. Naturally, I can expect the fraudulent loan application to be reported to credit agencies as well as the fact it was rejected. It seems obvious that someone from the dealership tried to commit this crime and I am reporting it to FTC and police. In short, this would have been the least stressful and, I cannot believe I am about to write it, pleasant car-buying experience ever. Mr. Zee really made it that way and others did not mess it up. Until today. To make the whole story even more annoying, I was considering buying another Volkswagen within next couple of months and was happy to know where I would go for it. This ID theft just stained it.

I would not recommend this dealer.