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As cold as an Alberta winter.

By Rick on 12/21/2016 at 6:20 PM. Helped by Bob.

The service person, Bob, is about as cold and rude as an Alberta winter. My wife was having issues with the alarm on her Terrian. The horn would sound off for no reason. We had a friend who is a GM trained technician look at it and figured it was something wrong with the hood latch, but to take it in the dealership. When she took it in to Palliser, she mentioned to Bob what our friend had said. He promptly said back, Well maybe you should take it to him to fix then. As it turned out, Palliser never did fix anything to do with the faulty alarm. They just said they couldn't find anything wrong. So in the end, we did have our GM trained technician fix it. Is Bob so comfortable in his position that he can treat costumers like this? This isn't the only time he has been an a$$hole to us either.

I would not recommend this dealer.