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By Chris on 1/30/2016 at 6:27 PM. Helped by 2 Owners.

Went in to Test Drive an 05 Highlander. Was priced $1000 over the KBB DEALER price. Talked to the 2 owners, They tried to convince me that Blue Book "was written for the west coast". So I used the NADA book on my phone, and they were still ~700 over Dealer price. And then they just finally told me that books don't matter, It's what people will pay. (I know I'm not purchasing a car for Book Price). So I wandered around and looked at a 2004 CR-V. I test drove that also. The noises were so bad the Salesman had to sing throughout the entire test drive. Headlights didn't line up. They prided themselves on being around for 30 years and that they couldn't have been around that long if they didn't sell nice cars. I think most of the Cars they had only had Nice CarFaxes.

I would not recommend this dealer.