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By Quinton on 4/14/2018 at 9:02 PM. Helped by Bes Fer.

I bought this car on line through EBay. The ad read that the “vehicle is in great shape inside and out” and “Runs and drives perfect with no issues at all”. The ad also stated “It’s been fully inspected at our facility”. The Bill of Lading / visual inspection report from the shipping company picking up the car drew so many scratches and dents on the car diagram you could hardly see the car image. They also wrote notes “Bad gas smell”, “damage all rims”, “D/S mirror broke”, “Seat very bad”. In actuality when the car arrived I had never seen more scratches on a car in my life, not to mention dings. The driver side leather was completely worn and stains throughout on all the seats. The car smelled horribly, but can’t say it was gas. When we started the car on the transport an error message came up that stated the battery wasn’t charging. It turned out that the alternator was bad. On further inspection the right rear wheel was dragging horribly and needed rebuilding. The rear wiper didn’t work and most of the rear defroster lines didn’t work. I won’t even get into the trouble I’ve had since. That’s on me – it’s a used car with no warranty and get that, but honestly believe they know of at least some of the other issues and simply provided a Band-Aid fix to sell the car. The photos on-line looked very good and can only assume now that they were touched up. There were only 66k miles on the car so easy to believe it would be in great shape. The car was not in “great shape” or even good shape and clearly not inspected. This company is nothing less than dishonest.

I would not recommend this dealer.