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Owner give fights to repair a promised fix

By Rob on 3/8/2018 at 5:08 PM. Helped by Lillie, Wilson.

At time of purchase owner wrote that he would pay for need repair. After many times of taking the car back to his shop and problem was never fixed, he still refusses to allow me to take it to another shop. I paid $100 to a well known and 100 year established shop to find the issue. I recieced it in writting. When I showed it to Wilson (the owner) He said that they are wrong because he will not pay the amount to correctly repair car. However, the car has been back to him 6 times with no resolution. Here's an analogy...Wilson (owner) knows you have cancer but it is going to cost him more money after you paid him and agreeded to take care of it. So he fights with you to say 2 asprains will heal you. When you call his sales person to tell her that the problem is still not fixed after 6 weeks, she tells you that she does not want nto hear it anymore because she has more important customers.

I would not recommend this dealer.