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BEWARE! $780 "touch of class product" fee added to ALL CAR

By maz16 on 9/11/2016 at 10:02 PM. Helped by ben, jack.

HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! I went in as a single mom was a specific monthly payment I could afford. At no time did they inform me that ALL cars come with a b.s. after-market product (wax and seal similar to what all new cars have on them anyway) that costs an additional $780 and you have no choice to decline it. Not to mention their dealer fee is on the high end. So, now a just getting by parent is paying an additional $900 to buy a car from that dealership! Believe me their dealership/staff is not special enough for me to do that!!! Then as they continue to pressure me and make me feel bad about bringing the car from another dealership, the price range they told me they could get me in is out the window. After a day wasted! They try to get me at payments over $100 more than I can do. Did I mention, they tried to sell me the same after-market product again (still failing to mention it already comes with it). This come to find out is for when the originally stuff wears off....right! Never wanted to go car shopping again after this experience.

I would not recommend this dealer.