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We recently had had a very pleasant experience with this...

By mtduo4u on 3/22/2012 at 1:33 PM. Helped by Linita.

We recently had had a very pleasant experience with this dealer. We had been looking for a car locally for quite a while, then decided to go online to find the car we wanted. We found a beautiful car at Red Nolan Cadillac that fit our wants. Put a $500 deposit down, told Linita we were headed down there from Montana. We were about half way there, when I got bored, brought out the iPad and looked at the posting of the car we were headed to buy, when in the middle of the description I saw "Front Wheel Drive" My heart sunk. Why didn't we see this before. We never considered anything but an AWD. I didn't know if I should say anything to wife wife right then or not, as we were driving through some slush at the time. Well she was able to keep it on the road after the bad news. I told her we need to call and make sure this is correct before making a big decision, because we have found numerous inaccuracies in most online descriptions. We were just going by the dealer photos for the options we wanted. It got to be that we were not even reading descriptions anymore. We are writing this review, because although we didn't make a deal with them and Linita put a lot of effort into this,they understood and completely refunded our deposit. Thanks Linita and Red Nolan Cadillac.

I would recommend this dealer.