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From Owner to Staff - Absolutely Unprofessional "Dealership"

By BH Surgeon on 11/13/2018 at 1:20 AM. Helped by Clark Nelson, Manny (Finance).

Wow, where to begin - they advertised a white Bentley and a black one. We were unfortunate enough to be assigned to Clark Nelson (sales rep), who managed, together with his finance manager Manny, to waste our time, lose other offers, and money, by dealing with their shady antics. The old adage of anyone sleazy and underhanded, fast talking glib lies, and classic switch ups being referred to as a "used car salesman", is completely confirmed in this instance. The owner of this car lot circus decides he wants to use the white vehicle for his personal use, yet leaves it as available on multiple websites, even participating in price drops. No employee at this lot has apparently even seen the vehicle. The black one did exist, and I can honestly say my husband and I have never, ever had so much headache maneuvering a deal in our lives. We are no strangers to higher end vehicles, and the pricing was attractive on this car so we initiated the process. The finance manager Manny, prints us out a quote for our trade in Porsche on a Saturday. By Monday, when we call back in to check, magically the appraisal price drops by 5k. When questioned as to why, he responds it's always been this new price. Did he forget they printed us out a paper copy??? Not only is his dour, monotone dead personality a complete turn away, he shows no motivation, enthusiasm or willingness to assist in closing a deal. The sales rep Clark is your run of the mill "say anything, agree to everything" then let's do a complete 180 "oops, it's out of my hands" specialist. Between the two of them, we wasted 11 days, lost 4 other offers, was fed mis-information, directly lied to, and got the switch up in the end. All we can hope for is that they do not store personal data and use it for other purposes. Yes, THAT is how low end this dealership is. Owner pulls a listed vehicle to drive around (no mileage update of course), while STILL actively listing the car as available. Sales rep is either lying full time to his finance manager and to our party, or just one side, or is somehow hoping neither party communicates to clarify his muddled, falsely optimistic b.s. Finance manager is not anyone you want handling your information, negotiations on your behalf, or structuring anything for you, period. Charming individual. Front desk is dyslexic. If you ask for a certain department, be ready to get routed to an entirely different arena. Asked for the finance manager, got routed twice to the service department. Second time was hung up on. The quality continues..... Overall, there are so many dealerships around, no reason at all to immerse yourself in this sewer. If my review sounds harsh, I'd like to stipulate that it's actually heavily censored. A very unsavory group of individuals who have zero liability integrity, every other statement out of their mouths is a straight lie, and they pull through with: NOTHING. Think Manny broke a record with a 5k appraisal drop from a Saturday to Monday period (Sunday being exempt). Not to mention the borderline creepy deadpan of a denial that he ever quoted the original cost. Unbelievable to the point that all you can do is laugh and walk away. But I DO NOT want anyone else going through this freak show, I'm a cosmetic surgeon and have dealt with many salesmen in the car industry. I guess there really is a first for everything and a new low to always set the new standard. Let's not forget the irony of their dealer name: Reliable Auto. Oxymoron anyone?

I would not recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
5   Price
5   Quality of Work

Automobile Purchase With Ease

By Truthfinder on 4/22/2018 at 6:49 PM. Helped by Miguel Sotolongo.

After having visited many other dealers around the Las Vegas Valley, we heard about Reliable Auto Sales as being forthright, honest, and inventoried properly. We decided to visit and met Miguel Sotolongo, in the Sales Department. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of automobiles makes and models. A NO PRESSURE sales presentation by Miguel, was greatly appreciated. We felt that he wanted us to have the best car for our purposes at a satisfactory price. Reliable's 100,000 Miles Warranty Plan was what added to the sales transaction. Miguel is whom everyone should talk with if they want a quality condition in a car and at a fair price. The man has Integrity. Reliable personnel were all friendly and efficient. As far as we are concerned , they will be highly recommended.

I would recommend this dealer.