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Unprofessional dealership

By Wudbuchr on 3/10/2019 at 7:24 PM. Helped by Talerio Hall.

I was driving home from Memphis with the sunroof on my 2013 Avalon open. When I tries to close it, the "accordion" weather seal on the riders side ripped. I drove into the Toyota dealership to see about getting it repaired. I went to the Service Department and asked Talerio Hall what it would cost to have my car repaired. without looking at my vehicle he estimated the cost to be $220.20 for labor and $62.91 for the part. Thinking that was a little high, I called Service King, a local body shop, to get a second opinion and headed to the Parts Department to get the part number. The person behind the counter refused to give me the part number stating that "It is against company policy to give out part numbers." I told him that I had Service King on the phone and asked if he would give the part number to them. He accepted my phone, walked over to another computer terminal and provided the person on the phone with the number he had looked up. I left the dealership and went to Service King. Upon arrival, Taylor said that the parts salesman had given them the wrong part number. I was able to replace the part on BOTH sides of the sunroof for $60.00 out the door. This is the first time in more than 60 years of working on cars that a parts department would not provide a part number - whether or not I actually purchased the part from them. Just very poor Customer Service. I now drive out o0f my way to go to other Toyota dealers. Incidentally, this issue just cost Robinson Toyota a $40,000. sale because I just bought a 2019 Highlander from another dealer.

I would not recommend this dealer.