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I went looking during the recent February sale and I was...

By dkearney1 on 3/12/2012 at 5:46 PM. Helped by I wish I could remember!!.

I went looking during the recent February sale and I was very impressed with all aspects. The sales associate was a contract worker brought in for the sale. She was friendly, professional, and was able to answer my questions directly or find the answer in minutes. There seemed to be a great deal of cooperation between associates and management. I never felt pressured (which always makes me back away!) and she seemed able to read me well. She asked what I was looking for, what my budget was and did not waste a lot of time trying to talk me into something I knew I could not afford, and neither did anyone else. She showed me a 2006 Hyundai Tiburon that I fell immediately in love with! I NEVER would have asked to look at that car, it's so out of character for me. But once I sat in it and drove it I knew that this was MY car. I had to bring it back 3 X to get it through inspection. They'd had to do some work on it and it needed to be driven to reset the computer. Turned out the battery was bad so the computer wasn't resetting. They put in a new battery and everything worked fine. Each time I brought it in, though, the wait was minimal, waiting area is comfortable, staff was helpful & friendly. This is a far cry from an experience I had with Royal about 12 years ago. If you've had a bad experience with Royal in the past I would suggest giving them another try. They are definitely more organized and professional than they were years ago. From sales, to management, to service - everyone seemed to know what they were doing and there was good communication between themselves as well as with me. I am very quick to criticize, so I also like to give credit where due also.

I would recommend this dealer.

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Went car shopping, looking for a Hyundai. Was informed...

By weekendmedic on 6/1/2007 at 2:38 AM. Helped by Steve Harris, Owner.

Went car shopping, looking for a Hyundai. Was informed after 25 minutes of 'signing in' that the sales person had to drive the car off the lot - company policy. Fine - She drives us to the street, I ask "How far off the lot do you have to drive?" She informs me that it's now company policy that the sales person accompany my wife and I on our test drive. I told her I'd rather she not come along, she said "I'll ask my manager", and we return to the dealership... Steve Harris comes out - shakes my hand and tells me that for 'insurance purposes' I have to be accompanied. I thanked him for his time, and we began walking back to our car. Now the fun begins... Steve, the owner of the dealership, chases me down in the parking lot, and asks "Where do you get off, thinking I'm going to let you take me $30,000 car out without my staff along?" I asked him why he was yelling, and turned to walk away again. He shouted at me all the way across the lot that he didn't want my business, etc, etc... Apparently, he didn't want to sell a car tonight. His financing terms were attractive, the car damn near sold itself, and had I been able to test drive it, I probably would have ordered one tonight. His loss...

I would not recommend this dealer.