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They will rip you off

By 11cdamon on 5/8/2018 at 7:57 PM. Helped by Dont, Remember.

Don't ever try to buy a motorcycle from this company. I had cash in my pocket and was ready to buy a Demin Black 2013 Road Glide Custom from them last month. The motorcycle sounded and looked great, but they wanted me to buy the bike first before I could test ride it. They promise that after I bought the bike I had a "1 HOUR" to ride it and if I found something wrong or didn't like it. To just bring it back in that time frame and they would rip up the contract and give me my money back. We all know that once a dealer or saler gets the money and has a contract. All sales are final. WHAT FULL WOULD BUY A VEHICLE WITH OUT TEST DRIVING IT. Simply put this company will rip you off if they get the change. Never buy anything from them. On the other hand. Because of this situation I had with SS Auto Brokers in Ogden Utah. I found a newer, nicer, more equipped And mileage 1/4 what the there road glide had. for only $300 more than what they were asking

I would not recommend this dealer.