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I would like to say that I am one of those people who...

By jhormuth on 5/29/2013 at 3:36 PM. Helped by Carter Bell.

I would like to say that I am one of those people who rarely write reviews, so for me to take time out of a busy day to do so means that something must have really moved me. To start let me give you a little information as to how I view things so you will understand where I am coming from. First and for most the most part I am a realist, meaning I understand how thing are and know they are not always going to be perfect. Second customer service and attitude are huge in my purchasing experience, and will cause me to keep going back to the same place time and time again. Third is how a company handles its issues and deals with its customers during that time. With all that given let me tell you about my purchasing experience. I was looking for a car for my wife and I just to enjoy, a third vehicle for weekend trips and such. I managed to find an extremely nice 04 BMW 330Ci, convertible; it was a one owner, local vehicle that had never been in an accident. I did a fair amount of research on this car and local (within 300 miles) competitors. After all my research I found that my best purchase was right here, 6.7 miles from my house at Select Automotive. Mr. Loizou, the owner Select Automotive, had his inventoried 04 BMW priced thousands less than his competition and an amazing sales staff to boot. That brought me into a win, win situation by choosing Select Automotive. The 04 BMW was in great shape and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I still have about 1500 dollars worth of work to do and make it my own, but that is for new rims, Halo headlights, and things of that nature. Even with that additional money I am still 1500 dollars cheaper then the next closest competitor. That sounds like a victory everyday of the week. I knew going into this process that any car I bought would have something that I would change or need to fix for my liking. I am buying a Pre-Owned car and saving thousands from new car prices. If I wanted it to be perfect, just like I wanted, I would have ordered it brand new from the factory and spent four times as much. Bottom line, George Loizou has built a great dealership in, Select Automotive, and has put together a fine staff led by Carter Bell, Craig Beldo, and George Small. They have and sell great Pre-Owned cars at great prices and take care of their customers. If you read negative comments or hear bad things on these folks, be cautious of how much you believe. These guys bend over backwards to help people and put trust in people whose track record says they shouldn’t. Select gave me great customer service, had a winning, friendly attitude and has earned a customer for years. As I said in the beginning, I rarely write reviews but felt compelled to sing the praises of these folks. Wish I saw this in more places.

I would recommend this dealer.