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My wife and I bought two used cars from Select recently....

By tripk on 3/28/2008 at 3:25 PM. Helped by John.

My wife and I bought two used cars from Select recently. Overall the vehicles are in very good shape and run well, however there were a few issues that left us a bit annoyed. First the key fob for the BWM I purchased was completely broken. The dealership more or less tried to hide this fact. When I called them on it, they told me to get the battery replaced. Long story short and a lot of running around, I needed a new key fob. Select did eventually reimburse me. They also told me that the vehicle had gone to the BMW dealership for a complete check. This can't be true, because it wouldn't even pass inspection (brakes and turn signal). These were resolved by the BMW dealership, but again on my time. They also said they had my wife's Mercedes checked out completely, but it didn't pass inspection either (front ball joint and brakes). These were repaired at the dealership's expense. But, again, a complete hassle. Then about 3 week later her battery died (after the dealership said they had had it tested). Net net. These guys have nice cars, but not worth the aggravation of being misled. If we hadn't caught these items early, we would have been completely SOL.

I would not recommend this dealer.