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Bait and Switch!

By Frustrated Buyer on 8/31/2016 at 8:45 PM. Helped by JEFF ROLOFF PRESIDENT.

Saw a truck on their website and called to buy it. They quoted me a price higher than what was advertised because of "personal upgrades" made to the truck. I was still willing to pay the high price! When all was said and done they wanted me to wait a full month (or more) so he could continue to use the truck; saying it was his personal truck and was using with his family. It was going to go from 200+ miles to over 1000.... but he might be able to give me a better deal at that time. If you do not want to sell a vehicle, THEN YOU SHOULD NOT ADVERTISE!!! No - I would not buy anything from a company that advertise a price, will not honor it and then still will not sell at the higher price! This is called bait and switch! If they are willing to do this, what else are they willing to do! Frustrated buyer

I would not recommend this dealer.