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Worst experience of my life

By NoiseyF250 on 3/30/2019 at 11:19 PM. Helped by Anthony, Daniel, Greg, Sean.

I purchased a 2019 F250 from Solomon Ford in February and have had nothing but issues with the truck and with Solomon Ford since. After having my truck for 11 days, I was never contacted once with information. The only contact I had with them was when I called which I was told they heard my noises and they were going to be figured out and fixed. My salesman Anthony also told me he heard the noises and they all agreed something wasn't right. On day 11 I called to check on progress and was told to come pick up my truck because nothing was wrong. Some how it went from they heard these problems to that they never heard the problems and to get my truck and leave. So I made the 2 hour trip to the dealer to pick the truck up. They didnt even have a service write up for me, just handed me the keys and said have a good day. The only thing they admitted to doing was removing the oil filter and checking it for metal. I discussed my experiance with the managers Greg and Sean Solomon and even though they acted like they were disappointed in how the service department handled it, I told them due to the lack of respect and customer care I recieved I would be leaving. They assured me they were gonna deal with the service department and I would receive a service write up in the mail. On my way home I heard alot of cluncking coming from my engine. When I checked the oil, I discovered the oil that drained during the oil filter removal was never replaced. It took 2.8 quarts of oil for me to get to the full level on the dip stick. I emailed Greg solomon and told him about this and sent him pictures. He called me the next day to say he talked to the service guys and they wanted him to tell me the proper way to check oil, like I didn't learn that before I went to grade school or something. I did finally receive my service write up, which was just one big lie and didnt match my conversations with Daniel the service advisor or the information he gave me. They put 10 miles on my truck (I took odometer pictures when I dropped and picked up the truck) but he says they drove it 32 miles. He also made sure to write in there he topped the truck off with oil even though they clearly did not. And what response do I get from Daniel when I emailed and ask why the service write up doesnt match the service I received ? He accuses me of lying and also accuses me of lying to ford customer care. So not only will they not service you when you buy a vehicle from them, they will also try to screw you over with Ford Motor company when you try to get help from them. He also proceeded to tell me that I should be thankful because they gave me a rental for the 11 days like I was suppose to walk 2 hours back home I guess? This is why I always deal with local and trust worthy companys when I make purchases. The only thing you will leave Solomon with is being accused of being a liar and a ugly front license plate. Do not buy from here, unless you want to be lied to and be accused of things just to cover up their own mistakes.

I would not recommend this dealer.