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I dropped in to the service department to see about...

By vegas205 on 11/30/2011 at 1:52 AM. Helped by Service Desk.

I dropped in to the service department to see about getting the daytime driver lights activated on my F350. I also asked to a diagnostic on a periodic appearance of my alternator warning light. They quoted me a price of 89.00 for turning on the daytime running lights and the diagnostic was going to be around 40.00.We booked a time several days out. I arrived at the appointed time, rather cool reception, I waited almost a half hour for them to even take the vehicle into the shop to perform the service. They called me to the service counter about 45 minutes later and said they were unable to activate the running lights without some special harness which would cost well above 200.00 for either a after market product or the actual Ford product (this was not mentioned when the appointment was booked) Further they claimed to have completed a diagnostic and claimed that the alternator warning light was caused by a failed alternator (had been replaced by a different service center a month ago), they said I very likely needed a new FICM (1500.00 plus) and that my batteries were no good and also needed replacing (another 200.00 plus) Then they presented me with a bill for 164.00 to not provide any service other than telling me that they could not activate the running lights and suggest that I spend close to 2000.00 (additional to the 164.00 already charged) in their service department with no guarantee that it would all be completed within that number. I went down the street to Canadian Tire and purchased a Daytime Running Light Kit for 39.00 and had them install it, I later went to a alternator rebuild shop to have the alternator and batteries checked. The alternator was putting out 13.97 with the warning light on (obviously charging)- said it was a 25.00 regulator - he also checked the quality of my batteries and claimed they were both GOOD. I watched him perform all the tests and he showed me the read outs as he performed them. As far as I can determine - Steel Town Ford would be considered a Preditor Service Center - (my opinion) they had a gal at the counter who was cold, unfriendly and arrogant, she single-handedly has destroyed any future business opportunity between myself and Steel Town Ford. I will take every opportunity to pass this experience to any and all who will listen. Any auto dealership that behaves in this manner should be taken to task - possibly reported to the Corporation that they profess to represent??

I would not recommend this dealer.