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This was a "company" purchase, done on-line. ...

By fblais on 5/30/2013 at 11:57 PM. Helped by Murray Wellwood?.

This was a "company" purchase, done on-line. I was given a call to tell me that the car was ready to pick up, but when I got there, the paperwork was not complete ( I was allowed to take it home) and I had to return to pick it up. The sales person should have/could have dropped it off to me at home. I was given a cursory, very short instruction on some of the features of the car. When I asked if there was cruise control, the answer was - no, that's what your company ordered". When I asked if the trunk could pop open from the inside of the car - once again the buck was passed - "no, this is what he ordered". I should think that a better answer should have been, - "no, this is not available on this car" and not have him point the finger to the company purchaser. He should have been ready to "sell" me the positive features of the car. The car has the bluetooth feature, and he did not offer to set up my phone. This - he should have done. I went a whole week, not able to set it up, and my boss set it up for me. When I purchased a Honda car, the sales person invited me to sit in the car, and he took me for a short drive and demonstrated all the features of the car. Let me tell you, the transition was smooth, and I bought 2 new Honda cars from the same dealership. I probably looked a bit disappointed (going from an Accord - to a smaller car - the Forte 5) but Murray should have taken up the challenge and talked up the positive of this car. My husband was with me (to take the Honda home) and he was talking with the Parts/Service fellow. HE congratulated me on the purchase of a Kia, and said that I would enjoy it. FAR more positive than the man that just made an easy sale. Even my boss was more positive and showed me things on the car and some of the features. I put over a thousand kms a week on this car, and I plan on having it service elsewhere. AND - I'll be encouraging A-Line to find me another car elsewhere when it comes time to changing it.

I would not recommend this dealer.