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This dealership service Department does not back the...

By PeevedinKC on 11/30/2012 at 4:54 PM. Helped by Kevin Adams.

This dealership service Department does not back the products or service they provide. They installed very expensive highend Goodyear tires on our Ford Lightning Truck in 8/2010 (14000 miles ago). They charged full price for a tire made in 2004, 2006 and 2 from 2008. In November 2012 the 2004 tire went flat and was unfixable due to it splitting inside (old tire). Thoroughbred ford just sent us off to Goodyear to get a small credit from Goodyear, but no conessions what so ever from Thoroughbred for putting such old tires on our truck without telling us. We had to deal with Goodyear even though we bought tires from Thoroughbred. They wouldnt even put tire on without charging us. It was too bad sucker. This is second bad experience. Will not ever go here again nor will anyone we know. Who wants to buy a car at a dealership that has a service department like this. That do not care about customer satisfaction. Other reputable dealerships and tire dealers do not put tires on vehicles if the tire is over 2 years old. The KC Stareven had an article about this in todays paper in Automotive. Oh and by the way it took 3 weeks to even get the one new tire with the credit (1/3 off new price).

I would not recommend this dealer.