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Don't do it.

By Blkbear48 on 11/29/2016 at 4:17 AM. Helped by His phone number is 2542472172.

If you plan on buying from these people, and your traveling from any excessive distance I urge you to think twice. From the beginning... I live in wyoming. I'm 1000 miles away. I found a truck I wanted and I called to inquire. The guy seemed pretty cool and answered my questions. The three main questions were 1. Are the any mechanical issues I need to be aware of. 2. I'm very particular with my things and if I'm going to travel this far, I want to know what flaws it has on the exterior. 3. Are there any tips, holes, tears or wear on the leather seats. I was told no mechanical issues, it has one dent and a few light scratches that should buff out (sent pics) and no flaws on the interior. I then gave him my debit card info to give him $500 to hold the truck for me for a few days until I was off from work and I could fly down. I paid almost $300 for a plane ticket to get from wyoming to austin. They had someone pick me up there and drive me to the dealership. I get there and immediately notice the bed looks like a golf ball, and the driver seat has a tear in it. At this point I'm pretty disappointed. I proceed to driving it. It seemed ok. A little sluggish off the start like most un tuned cummins are. I get back to the dealer and I said hey, ya know I'm pretty disappointed. I asked specifically about the seats and dents and i was assured the truck was in great shape. I'm $300 into flying down here and $500 in a deposit. I want my deposit back. They said no. I really didn't want to leave empty handed and have to find a ticket back to wyoming. I still liked the truck and finally talked them into giving me $250 back. I start my drive home. I get roughly 380 miles into my trip home and I get a check engine light. Now I'm pissed off. I get to an auto zone and have them read the codes and they are turbo related. I text the salesman and said what was going on and he asked if I was stranded and if the truck ran. I said yes. He them told me this copy and pasted via text. "We have the powertrain inspected which is the most important and most costly to repair. At the time of sale the truck was running and driving like it should or you would have not purchased it. You seemed very mechanically inclined and knew exactly what to look for since you were a previous diesel owner. If we had a machine or computer that would only let us know when parts on a truck would fail, we would not sale trucks but just charge people to let them know when they would have mechanical or electric failures. Your first text stated you were 350 miles away from our location before the first light came on. Unfortunately things happen that we can't control. All trucks are sold as is just just like you signed for on the paperwork. Feel free to call Frank... So now I get to stew for another 15hrs in a broken truck I just paid 37k for. Fast forward to getting home. I take it to the shop in town here. I ended up with a broken turbo which cost be $3000. Also within a month the brakes that were supposedly new were toast, I found that the DVD player in the head rest didn't work, and I spent $600 in pointless dent repair and still haven't paid the $500 for the top half of the ripped seat. Ready for the strange part? After all is said and done. I got no help. It was sold as is. So now I paid 37k for a truck. Put about 5k in parts into and COINCIDENTALLY the card I gave them the numbers for for a deposit mysteriously started spending money in fort Worth a few days after I got back in wyoming when I never used it for anything else.... I suggest you think twice about these people.

I would not recommend this dealer.