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Showed up looking to purchase a Corvette at Sibbitt...

By PUBoiler_98 on 5/3/2012 at 12:57 PM. Helped by Tim Sibbitt.

Showed up looking to purchase a Corvette at Sibbitt Chevrolet. The one they had in stock was not a convertible, so we asked Tim Sibbitt if he could get one. We got a one word reply - "NO". He said the allocation was not there and simply walked away. Never attempted to call GM about getting one, never attempted to call another dealer for a trade, simply just said no. This was a $60,000 car!!! Wound up purchasing from another dealer. Years later showed up again looking to trade my S-10 for a new Colorado. Sticker price on the Colorado was $28,000, and the initial offer was $24,000 difference - the S-10 had 168,000 miles on it. I offered $20,000 and was told "Oh, no, no, no, we just can't do that." A few days later returned and offered $22,000. They came back at $23,000; I told them the offer was $22,000. Once again "Oh, no, no, no, we just can't do that." Next day went to the same dealer I bought the Corvette from and they beat Sibbitt's price by $3,000. Called Sibbitt back and told them I was walking away because I got a better deal. Then their story changed to "OK, we'll trade for $20,000." After they turned down $22,000 24 hours earlier. They tried to give me some story about how they just got a new rebate in that morning. It was a Friday & the last day of the month - I am not that stupid! Since then I have NEVER been back, and will never go back. I would stay far away from this dealer.

I would not recommend this dealer.