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Can't get an honest answer from them

By Toby MacLeod on 5/5/2017 at 7:39 PM. Helped by None.

We won't be dealing with Trans Canada Nissan in the future. Some of the people we've encountered there are very nice and friendly, but some come across like they don't want to take responsibility. We had our car in for servicing and they left an interior filter cover off, I believe it was inside the glove box. We discovered this because it was the middle of the winter and our car wouldn't warm up, not a nice thing on any day, but definitley not good with two little kids. When they discovered that the filter hatch was missing they blamed us and said we must have taken the care for service somewhere else. Which was not the case. Most recently they installed software to update our transmission without telling us first. A few months later we had to have the entire transmission replaced because of that software update. A day after picking the car up from having the transmission replaced, it's back in the shop with new issues. The car now makes a loud clunking sound when you turn a corner. The mechanic test drove it and said something was definitley wrong. Trans Canada Nissan said they'd have it fixed the same day. We later got a call that it would be another 4 days and they didn't explain what the problem was. So we went into the dealership to find out what was wrong and we can't get a straight answer. They say it's party because we need our tires and breaks replaced. Well, that's not what they told us last week. In fact they told us we had another 10,000km left before we needed the tires replaced. They showed us a list of the parts that needed to be ordered which I don't understand, so I asked them to explain. All they said was, it's not related to the transmission they just replaced a day ago and not to worry it is covered under warranty. When we pressed further for an explanation, some other guy piped up and told the rep to put it up in the garage so we could see the breaks for ourselves. It has nothing to do with the breaks. Everything was fine before they messed with the transmission. This will be our last Nissan and our last time dealing with Trans Canada Nissan

I would not recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
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5   Quality of Work

Best Service Dept

By duf on 1/24/2017 at 5:28 PM. Helped by Dean Bosnell.

In a recent freezing rain storm, my 2015 Micra was involved in a single car accident that bent the rear axle. The repair cost was pegged at $2100. Dean Bosnell and his team were able to locate a used rear axle assembly from a Versa Note that would fit my car. In so doing, they saved me $700. The level of customer service offered by the Service Dept at this dealership is truly remarkable

I would recommend this dealer.