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Broken Alternator, Endless Migraine

By Meh on 11/1/2017 at 2:24 PM. Helped by Tom, and another whose name eludes me.

Purchased a used 2003 Buick Century a few months ago. Made it a five miles on the highway and the dashboard stopped working completely. Made it back to the shop and waited 3-4 hours as they checked it out. Was told it was fine and tried driving home to Hillsborough, North Carolina. The power in the car started to die, the dashboard started to act up again, and the car made screeching noises. A new mechanic the next day told us the alternator was shot and needed to be replaced. I called Triad and they told me if I brought it back with a alternator they would replace it for free. Its been over a month and I could not afford a alternator and the car is just sitting in my driveway as a embarrassment.

I would not recommend this dealer.