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Poor quality/service

By ashumpert123 on 3/8/2016 at 7:42 PM. Helped by teddy.

I was very interested in buying a car they had for sale. Teddy even dropped the price $500 right off the bad because I was traveling from Columbia, Sc...that was red flag number one. Number two, through my reseach from the reviews online and on their facebook...I cound not find one positive comment for this "Auto Mall". Because of reason number one and two, I decided to call back and cancel my interest with this car. Reason number three happend when some woman answered the phone saying, "whos dis" as if she was trying to catch her husband/boy friend cheating. Mean while, the "car salesman" Teddy gets on the line and I tell him why I am un-interested, insted of backing his business up, he AGREES with me and tells me to have a great day! I am so greatful for these comments and that did not fall for any of his "good deals"!!!!!

I would not recommend this dealer.