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Chevy Link Navigation System (Mickey Mouse Service Dept)

By ChevyII on 6/17/2017 at 7:20 PM. Helped by The Service Manager.

I have had a major problem with the navigation system on this vehicle ever since the vehicle was purchased brand new. The company that is responsible for creating and building the software in the system itself ( Navteq ) has suggested that the firm ware or hard drive needs to be reset or rebooted as it is defective I am not able to get the service department for this dealership to understand and realize that there is even a problem with it. I would like to get this problem addressed as the navigation system is terrible and will take You on a route that is no where close to or near to where it should be. This is quite obvious when referring to a map or another navigation system ( Garmin GPS ) The service department is responsible for initiating a Service Order or Customer Number in order to have the problem addressed under the vehicle manufacturers warranty. They are not interested in taking care of the problem as all they seem to want to do is blame it on the driver or the owner and not operating the system itself. It is not a complicated issue to input the data in as to the location in which Your destination is located. I am prepared to escalate this to the next level. Please stay tuned as to what and how G.M. addresses this problem !

I would not recommend this dealer.