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No hassle dealership. Ask for Amberlyn!

By Nick on 11/27/2018 at 5:47 AM. Helped by Amberlyn.

Pre-Sale: I have been searching for a new truck through cargurus and in the Phoenix area (where I live) for about 4 months, before I found Vegas Motorcars. I was in the market for a 2017 Ford Superduty F250 Diesel 4x4, fully loaded with all of the bells & whistles, low miles, and in like-new condition. I called every ford dealership within 100 miles of my house, visited 4 of them, spent several hours in negotiations, only to walk out on them because of the typical games that are played at most dealerships. False promises, not honoring ad prices, dodging, ignoring, or deferring specific questions, most tried sneaking in extra fees like window tine, nitrogen in the tires, paint protection, etc in addition to buying up their loans, inflating interest rates to make money on the financing. Then I found Vegas Motorcars... I sent an email on a Saturday evening requesting more information about a truck they had listed online. Monday, I called the dealership around 11AM, and was greeted by my salesperson, Amberlyn. I mentioned said my name and that I was following up about the truck. She knew immediately who I was, and confirmed that she received my request for information and was working on it -- and informed me the truck was still available. She sent the information to me as promised, and I started asking several more specific questions about the vehicle. After a few phone calls and emails, I called in again and (an owner?) Charles picked up. It was the one time I called and Amberlyn wasn't available. He offered to help, so I started firing off a ton of questions regarding financing, where to get the best rates, cash vs finance, as well as some of my concerns about buying a vehicle that was not in my home state, and how that taxes would work etc. He was answered all of my questions. It was comforting to know that even though I was Amberlyn's customer, Charles was still happy to help as if I were his. So, I asked him to hold the vehicle for me, and I paid a non-refundable deposit to hold the truck for 7 days (They extended it to 10 days since it was Thanksgiving week.) A very nice gesture of good faith from the dealership. You don't see that very often, especially with vehicles in high demand. Within 5 minutes of placing the deposit, Amberlyn sent me a copy of the receipt. Since the deposit was non-refundable, I was a bit nervous and had an onslaught of detailed questions about the truck and transaction, and Amberlyn addressed everything to the T. We exchanged probably 10+ emails over the course of Thanksgiving week. She was very responsive and detail oriented the whole way through. Her communication was very reassuring, as I began the process of buying a very expensive truck. By end of business Tuesday, most of my questions were answered and Amberlyn had performed everything from a visual inspection, checked engine hours, checked all the lights, and verified warranty information. She understood that it was difficult for me to make such a big decision sight unseen, and emailed 4 videos of the truck's interior and exterior, started the motor, and went through some of the truck's features and technology packages in the truck. Transaction: She confirmed the cost and provided a simple breakdown of the out the door price. I booked a flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas that Saturday, and mentioned that I would be driving home from their dealership if the test drive and a quick inspection went well. She prepared the truck and all of my paperwork before I arrived at the dealership. We spent more time on the test drive than it took me to sign the papers! Impressive. In my opinion, having the right sales person is almost as important as finding the right car. Nobody wants to work with someone who uses sleezy sales tactics, dodges questions, or says "I don't know." Amberlyn works hard for her customers and I would recommend you ask for by name if you're considering buying a vehicle from Vegas Motorcars. She worked in the finance department prior to sales, so she was able to handle the entire transaction from start to finish. Impressive! Post Sale: The truck seems to be in great condition. It's fully loaded, the interior and exterior are in great condition, and the truck was sold to me "as advertised." I drove the truck home to Arizona. I did have two vacuum/breather hoses that were disconnected and made a little mess. It may have happed during detailing or service, and doesn't seem to be a defect with the truck. I forgot to get a copy of a document, and Amberlyn took initiative to contact me on her day off to let me know that she would send it out on Monday. Monday came and the document arrived as promised! My experience with Vegas Motorcars was extremely positive. Amberlyn was able to inspire confidence in my purchasing decision from out of state. I took a gamble with Vegas Motorcars, and won with Vegas Motorcars! Thank you Amberlyn and Vegas Motorcars for the fantastic purchasing experience!

I would recommend this dealer.

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1   Customer Service
4   Friendliness
1   Overall Experience
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By MC on 8/31/2018 at 8:43 PM. Helped by Wesley.

This has been hands down the worst car buying experience I have ever had. They had a 2011 BMW 335xi on their lot that caught my eye. I inquired about it on Thursday and was contacted by a rep on Friday. He didn't have a lot of information on the car but worked to get it. He mentioned he personally test drove the car and felt that the bushings were bad and that he was told those would be repaired at the BMW dealership. On Monday I try to contact him but he wasn't in. I come to find out that he is a part-time sales rep and has a full-time job at the airport. That is when I was put in contact with Wesley. He informed me that there was a lot of interest in the car over the weekend and that I would need to put a $500 hold on the car. I went ahead and did that. I asked for the pre-purchase inspection report they say all their cars get from the manufacturers dealership prior to being sold at their lot. Well, they didn't have that. I come to find out this car is a "friend of the dealership's" car and didn't go through the "normal" process. So I request that they get a pre-purchase inspection done by the BMW dealership. My rep said they would take it to the BMW dealership to get a "multi-point" inspection done on it as they needed to take it down for the bushings anyway. I agreed and all was sorted... When I arrived the day to look the car over, my rep was again not in and had an emergency at the airport, so I ended up dealing with Wesley. Nice upfront guy and made me feel comfortable through the process. We took the car out for a test drive. Everything seemed to work fine. All checked out from a non-expert's perspective. I ask if there are two keys and he said yes. We go inside and I ask for the multi-point inspection report and he hands it to me. The report was done by BMW of Henderson. The report noted everything in great condition. The invoice amount for the service is $0. I notice nothing on the bill shows the bushings were done and Wesley replies that there was never any issue with the bushings. I told him my rep informed me of it, but he denied that there was ever a problem and leaned on the fact that "his techs in the back" checked it out and they looked fine and BMW said there wasn't any issue. So I trusted him and went through the purchase process. After everything was signed, he hands me the keys and one of the keys doesn't work. He tells me to go to the BMW dealership and talk to a specific rep tomorrow and they will sort it out. The next morning I get to the dealership. She runs the key and finds out that the key isn't even for my car, its for a 2008 BMW... I get a text from Wesley saying "sorry, those were the keys I was given". No resolution for the missing key, just a "sorry"... A new key costs about $400+.... I make the drive back home (about 1000 miles). As I make the drive I notice a few things with the car. The first is that after the car is driven a bit, there is a very noticeable vibration when coming to a stop. The other thing I noticed when driving at night was that the drivers headlight was extremely low. Lastly, I noticed a slight oil burning smell when stopping to refuel after a long drive. So when I get home I immediately send the car in to a reputable BMW independent shop. I tell them what I experience and have them do an inspection. They find over $4000 in repairs needed. 2 oil leaks (oil filter housing and valve cover), drivers headlight busted, control arms/bushings. I send the invoice to Wesley who tells me I am being ripped off and doesn't believe them. So I take the car to the local BMW dealership and get the same inspection they apparently did at Henderson BMW. That inspection came back with over $7000 in repairs, confirming all the other shop saw plus more. I try to come to an agreement with them. After over 2 months of back and forth they offered to buy it back but not covering any costs I incurred (eg. $500+ of inspections) plus transport is on me and pending their "inspection". I offered to keep the car if they could help cover the costs. Communication was terrible, a week would go by with no response, in the end they had a number they would pay, nothing more, but it was less than 1/3rd the repair costs. Clearly they have an "in" at the BMW dealership and no inspection was ever done on the car. Both of my shops said they couldn't understand how ANY shop (BMW or other) would miss these glaring issues if an inspection was actually performed. Add the cost of a new key and inspections and it totals over $8000, over 60% the cost of the car. The headlight alone is over $2000, and they didn't even cover that. They admitted to never testing the headlights, so they should have at minimum covered that, the key, and the bushings they promised... But no. If you buy a car from them, have it independently inspected as you can't trust their in-house techs or their dealership "connections". Or just avoid...

I would not recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


4   Customer Service
4   Friendliness
4   Overall Experience
4   Price
4   Quality of Work

Changing Customer Service

By Andrew Pieper on 3/22/2017 at 1:52 AM. Helped by Ralph Lacanienta, Wesley Harper.

After some initial issues with Vegas Motorcars, my situation was managed by Wesley Harper who did a great job of repairing the experience I had previously.

I would not recommend this dealer.