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Friendly Family Environment

By hotchkiss2010 on 9/9/2016 at 3:08 PM. Helped by Don Gordon, Jenny Wegner, Lisa Etzkorn.

The owners and managers will go above and beyond to earn your business! I had a wonderful experience with buying my Buick! I had a problem with my previous vehicle, so I took it to Wegners to be fixed. After a half hour of trying to figure out what was wrong they came to me and said that it had something to do with my transmission filter. It was going to need to replace that plus a few other parts that was going to cost me a fortune to do! So I talked to the owner and the manager and they were so sympathetic. They said lets get you in a new reliable vehicle! found me my wonderful buick that i have now for less than what i was paying for my five year old jeep! and they even went the extra mile to find me $500 more than quoted on top of my $3000 in rebates! I was impressed with them completely! they worked their butts off to help me!

I would recommend this dealer.

Overall Rating


1   Customer Service
1   Friendliness
1   Overall Experience
4   Price
1   Quality of Work

Worst Car Buying Experience

By jeepgc110 on 10/3/2014 at 2:26 PM. Helped by Don Gordon.

I have had nothing but poor experiences with Wegner Auto since I moved to town... When I first moved to town I attempted to have my Buick serviced at Wegner but had issues with simple tasks such as tire rotations and repeated issues with TPS (tire pressure sensors) that were not properly reset after service. I purchased a new Jeep through Wegner which was done so only based upon price. When ordering we were told that it would take approximately 6-8 weeks (safe estimate and we were told that the vehicle usually comes in sooner). The process took 10 1/2 weeks and we were told by the dealer that there was no way of tracking our new vehicle (Don Gordon quoted multiple estimated delivery dates which turned out to be a smoke and mirror show). I have also attempted to get service completed on our new vehicle at Wegner. I needed an oil change that I was willing to drop my vehicle off for the day but was told by the "quick lube" that the service could not be completed and to check with the service department. At the service department I was again told that if I dropped my vehicle off for the day they would not be able to complete the service. I have also brought the new Jeep in for a vibration in the steering column but the service department was unable to find the problem during a test drive. I asked if a mechanic was available to ride with me so that I could show them the problem but was told that there was no one available. The problem is embarrassing in our new vehicle... the issue has been present since about 300 miles and friends that ride in our new vehicle always ask what the noise is. Unfortunately for people who live in Pierre, SD, Wegner Auto is the only source for GMC, Buick, Jeep, and Nissan in the area. The next nearest dealer is approximately 150 miles... please take the time and go elsewhere!

I would not recommend this dealer.