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By WDB on 6/8/2016 at 12:48 PM. Helped by Brian.

In 2013 I bought an F150 from this dealer. The salesman was great to work with (Ray). 3 months before my warranty expired, my radio would intermittently fail to power up. I took it into the dealership and was told that they couldn't read a code for it unless it was malfunctioning at the time (radio had powered up on the drive into the dealer). The service mgr told me they entered the problem into the computer system in order to get it recorded before the warranty expired. He explained that the radio problems were common in the F150, so common in fact, Ford had as a matter of "good will" repaired some of these radios even after the warranty expired. They told me to stop in when I was in town and the radio wasn't working. I explained that I lived about 40 minutes away and worked in Peoria so I didn't get to Macomb very often during their shop hours (no tech on duty on saturdays they said). They said "no problem, it's been logged into the computer system". 9 days after the warranty expired, my radio was not working for an entire week so I took a vacation day in order to take it to the dealer. The read a code on it and scheduled the repair for the following Friday. I was told by the new servifce mgr (Brian) that it would cost $50 if it was just a simple wiring issue and if it was the radio itself or any module connected to it then those would be covered 100%. They fixed a connector in the wiring but the radio failed again 2 days later. I called back and the service mgr then tells me that it's probably the radio module that could cost up to $1700. I reminded him what I was told and that it failed during the warranty period and was recorded in their computer system during the warranty period and that he told me if it was the radio itself or a module, then it would be covered 100%. He said he would talk to one of his techs or a warranty guy and call me back. Never did. After 3 ph calls to him and being told he would call back - he never did. So I call and ask to speak to the General Mgr (Mike Woodrum) who had gone home already. They took my name, ph number and explanation of my issue with the service mgr and was assured that Mike would call me back the next morning. NEVER DID. I have been a lifelong FORD man and also own 2 Toyota cars which the dealership also sells. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALER. IF YOU DON'T EVEN RETURN PHONE CALLS THEN EVIDENTLY RETAINING LOYAL CUSTOMERS IS NOT A CONCERN OF THEIRS.

I would not recommend this dealer.