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Violation of Fair Credit Act

By Mary Timmons on 12/31/2016 at 2:58 PM. Helped by Dylan, Lee.

I definitely wouldn't suggest inquiring about a vehicle from this dealership. The salesman Dylan ran my credit without my permission. I told him I only wanted numbers to send to my credit union. I gave him my information believing it would only be a soft pull since he stated my credit wouldn't be ran. Nope, it was hard pull. So he called me this morning talking about another dealership that ran my credit in OCTOBER. It's December. October had nothing to do with December. That dealership had permission, whereas you didn't. I explained that, so he transferred me over to rude xxx Lee. Lee is a joke. He basically told me that a soft pull and a hard inquiry is the same. HA! No, Lee. A soft pull doesn't affect your credit but a hard pull does. Anything to cover up for his incompetent salesman I guess. I've already spoke to a consumer's protection lawyer and I'll be suing for a violation of the Fair Credit Act.

I would not recommend this dealer.