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Dishonest and disheartening...

By AndrewL on 7/24/2019 at 2:56 AM. Helped by Cristian, Vicente, Ryan, Matt.

We, unfortunately, made the decision to go back here and purchase a 2018 Toyota Camry after they contacted us and dropped the price. First and foremost the majority of the sales people we dealt with were nice but flat out dishonest, we found this out afterwards and I will touch on it soon. I did my research and know how the Toyota CPO program is supposed to work. The salesperson Cristian assured us that they had a "special thing" going on that started the date of the 7 year powertrain warranty from the date of the CPO purchase (the second buyer for those of you following along). I told him my understanding of the CPO program and he assured me that I was normally correct but not during this Memorial Day weekend. We repeatedly went over this as it became a big selling factor as we could get the same vehicle cheaper elsewhere but it wouldn't have the same warranty that Cristian was claiming. So part way through the purchase Cristian brings another guy over, Vicente? the guy with one ear. He goes over some of the numbers and tries to stick us with the $199 for the phantom stickers that are already on the vehicle, this is something I told Christian I wanted to decline and I reiterated this to Vicente so he took it off. Afterwards Vicente proceeds to try and sell us on the extended warranty, 7 year "Platinum" warranty. I bring up the CPO conversation and pitch that Christian presented us with and Vicente confirms what Cristian told us. The I ask about this Platinum warranty and Vicente confirms that it will be for 7 years from the date WE purchase the vehicle, the second purchasers. I tell my wife it's her decision and based on the information that was given to us she says yes. Again, I went over this with them thoroughly to make sure there was no miscommunication and no misunderstanding. Fast forward to a couple weeks later and we get a denial letter in the mail from Toyota regarding the Vehicle Service Agreement, it says contact your dealer for more info. We contact them several times and are told by multiple people "I'm not sure" then we finally get someone who says there was an error on the paperwork but they fixed it and we should be getting our approved VSA in the mail soon, we say thanks. Weeks later we receive the VSA and low and behold instead of a 7 year warranty it's valid for 5 years and is based off the original sale date. We call and they say we will get a call back. A week goes by and no one called. My wife called and the person seemed surprised that "Matt" never called us back and this guy basically says tuff luck, not so much as an apology and no attempt to make it right. I look at the original VSA application that we signed and even it says the effective date was supposed to be 5/26/2019. The VSA packet we received says effective date 12/11/2017. One thing I dislike more than almost anything, is dishonesty. I lost trust in Cristian, Vicente, Ryan, Matt and this dealership after this and I have no other option than to suggest you take your business to a different Toyota dealership. I leased my 2018 Toyota Tundra from here and planned on buying another vehicle here once my lease ends, now I will most likely never go here (Yuba City Toyota) for another vehicle purchase. I will tell my family, my friends, my coworkers and anyone else who asks to steer clear of this place. Cristian, Vicente, Ryan, Matt and Yuba City Toyota have lost my family as a customer. Toyota as a manufacturer is great and I love their vehicles. This review is about this specific dealership, Yuba City Toyota, and their dishonesty.

I would not recommend this dealer.