MotoMiner for Dealers

MotoMiner is a web search engine for cars. It gives shoppers the ability to search the entire web for cars. As a dealer, you'll want to ensure your website is indexed by MotoMiner, so car shoppers can discover your inventory and click through directly to your website's vehicle detail pages.

MotoMiner works like other web search engines, only it's built for cars. It discovers dealer websites and indexes their vehicle detail pages (VDPs). Shoppers then find vehicles on MotoMiner using data from the indexed VDPs. MotoMiner presents links to VDPs in its search results, so shoppers can navigate directly to the VDP (the data source). This simple process is a win for the shopper and for the dealer.

Want more leads?

Make sure your dealership's website is indexed by MotoMiner!

  • Increase your exposure by having your inventory indexed and searchable on MotoMiner.
  • No middleman. Shoppers click through MotoMiner's search results directly to your website's VDPs.
  • Drive more shoppers to your dealership's website.
  • No setup required. MotoMiner pulls your inventory by indexing VDPs on your website.
  • Increase SEO by having a MotoMiner dealer profile page.
  • It's FREE!
  • Shoppers are searching MotoMiner's 1,378,017,468 indexed VDPs. Don't be left out!

Get Started

You may need to let MotoMiner know about your dealership's website(s) via our URL Submission Tool. Note that your website may already be indexed, since MotoMiner regularly discovers new websites. If you have questions or feedback, contact us.

How MotoMiner is Different

The MotoMiner team saw a need to introduce a new way of searching for cars. There are inherent problems with traditional car search websites, and MotoMiner directly addresses these problems.

  • Sells leads to multiple dealers or pay-for-lead companies.
  • MotoMiner does not hijack the lead. Shoppers click through to the dealership's VDP.
  • Sometimes has 3rd-parties call the shopper on behalf of you.
  • Shoppers on MotoMiner click through to the dealership's VDP. The dealer is in control of the shopping experience.
  • Only shows vehicles from dealers or individuals who pay to be on the site and/or have to manually submit their inventory.
  • MotoMiner is free and does not require submission and/or payment to be shown in its search engine.
  • When a dealer switches providers, the data feed is often broken and data is then stale and/or does not show current information.
  • MotoMiner doesn't rely on imports/exports as it indexes the dealership's website.
  • Dealers get frustrated because they feel these sites over-state user impressions and clicks and overcharge them.
  • MotoMiner does not charge dealers to be on the site.
  • Some sites give specific dealer website providers unfair exposure.
  • MotoMiner's search results are ranked by best deals and do not take the website provider into account.
  • Some allow competitive ads next to the dealer's inventory.
  • Shoppers click through MotoMiner's search results directly to the original VDP on the dealer's website. As a result, this does not apply.
  • Most sites haven't embraced mobile responsiveness.
  • MotoMiner's website is 100% responsive. It works great on mobile and desktop devices using the same code.

Dealer Refresh published a blog post that summed up the current state of affairs nicely. We feel MotoMiner is the "disturbance in the force." MotoMiner is NEXT.