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We recently wrote a blog post about our deal ranking system, so you can read about our rankings there.

As with all true search engines utilizing crawler technology, our indexed information is only as good as the last time our crawlers viewed the vehicle page. While we hate to send you to a vehicle that may no longer be there, rest assured that we do detect these scenarios and, within minutes, will remove it from our search results.

Even though MotoMiner regularly re-indexes vehicles, there are times where our information is not as fresh as the vehicle detail page itself. You can see the last time our information was updated just under the pricing details for a vehicle, as highlighted below:

The last indexed date is displayed for each vehicle in MotoMiner.

Yes! You can list your own vehicle on MotoMiner, and it will appear in our search results. Shoppers can contact you through a form on your listing, and you can anonymously communicate with them via email.

For starters, MotoMiner is the first true search engine for vehicles. Most other sites require dealerships to pay to have their vehicles listed and available for you to search through. MotoMiner, however, works like Google, Bing, and other well-known search engines by crawling dealer websites, indexing the content, making the content available for you to search, and linking you directly to the vehicle and dealer. It's a win-win for you and the dealer!

Check out our video What is MotoMiner? for more information.

Our crawlers run 24/7 to bring you the most up to date information on a regular basis. While they are subject to change, below are the currently expected update timeframes:

  • Adding new vehicles:
    • Within 2 days of being added to the dealership website
  • Updating vehicle details:
    • At least once every 7 days
  • Removing vehicles:
    • Within 2 days of being removed from the dealership website -or- within minutes of a vehicle page redirect or error being detected

If your search criteria is too broad (e.g. used Ford F-150 within 250 mile radius), MotoMiner will only return up to a maximum of 3000 vehicles for you to filter through. This means there are more Used Ford F-150's beyond the 3000 returned, but when you add filters, your filters will not apply to those, since they were not returned in your search results.

You have two options to maximize your search experience:

  1. Decrease your search radius to return fewer vehicles.
  2. Add more search criteria (e.g. a specific trim or year range) from the Advanced Search page to narrow your search.

Some states have laws which prevent us from providing you, the shopper, valuable information which we believe assists you in your shopping and pricing research efforts. The table below outlines the states and affected functionality due to their laws:

State Summary of Law Affected MotoMiner Functionality
  • No discount or perceived savings may be advertised for any used vehicle
  • Price reduction/history information cannot be provided
  • Average price of a vehicle cannot be provided
  • Price difference between a vehicle and its average price cannot be provided

For Dealers

MotoMiner has a web crawler, just like other search engines, which traverses the deep expanse of the internet to identify dealership websites for indexing. If you don't see your vehicles on MotoMiner, we may not know about your site yet. Fortunately, you can help make our crawlers aware of your site(s) by submitting them with our URL Submission Tool.

There may be some options we can explore. Shoot us a message and let us know your dealership website, your desired update frequency, and your contact information.

Texas law forbids used vehicle advertisements from displaying perceived discounts or price savings. In an effort to be compliant with this law, MotoMiner hides price history and variation from the calculated average for a given vehicle. If you feel this law needs updating, we suggest contacting the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and your state representative.

Got a question that wasn't listed above? Feel free to contact us.