Facebook Dynamic Ads

Display a dealer's live inventory to shoppers across Facebook's entire ad network!

How are dynamic ads different from static ads?

Static ads, typically used for branding, only display a single image. They also typically link to the home page of a dealer's website. While this can get a shopper to the dealer's site, it doesn't necessarily get them to look at a vehicle.

Dynamic ads display a dealer's actual vehicles to shoppers, and clicks go directly to the VDP on the dealer's website.

ROI for dynamic ads can be much higher than static ads, due to their targeted nature. You are displaying an actual vehicle, not just a generic image, to an interested shopper.

Why use the MotoMiner Platform for dynamic ads?

MotoMiner has the largest database of vehicle inventory available. With nearly 6 million vehicles, you won't have to hassle with multiple data vendors! We are able to quickly and easily deliver your dealer's vehicles to Facebook as a Product Catalog, then share the catalog with you. Catalogs are updated every day, so the inventory is always fresh.

We are also able to build a larger Facebook pixel audience than any other provider because our entire platform funnels interested shoppers into our audience, and you can target that audience with your dealer's Facebook ad campaigns.

Why is MotoMiner's Facebook pixel audience better?

Most Facebook dynamic ad services only give you access to a shopper audience built from the dealer's website.

MotoMiner's pixel audience extends beyond just the dealer's website and includes shoppers from our white label search sites, dynamic inventory ads, and all other products we provide.

Does MotoMiner provide reporting?


While Facebook provides reporting for how your campaigns are performing on their ad network, MotoMiner provides reporting on vehicle clicks down to the VIN level. You can even see how many clicks occurred on vehicles according to their status (current, pending, or moved).

Use MotoMiner's Facebook Catalog reporting, along with Facebook's Ad Manager, to prove value to your dealers!

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