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Drive right by O'Hara Motors...don't even think of stopping

By sundial on 6/29/2016 at 7:43 PM. Helped by Ron, service manager.

Careful when dealing with this run down Jeep dealership Just looking at the building, I should have thought twice about dealing with them. The issue apparently lies with the part time owner, a Mr. O'Hara. I say part time, because he never is there when trying to talk to him. As I will explain, I should never have gone into the place at all. My first bad experience was doing an upgrade to the radio. When they did it, the radio was destroyed. They explained it was caused by the Jeep's new software. It took over month to get a radio that worked. it's interesting that when you fill out a survey that Jeep sends you concerning service, it apparently goes back to the dealer with your name on it. Everything went well with the next oil change. In fact, I actually think the service manager, Ron, is a very nice guy. He goes out of his way to help. Then, came the really poor experience. How many have had a new oil filter installed that was claimed to be defective? I got home after an oil change to see oil pouring out of the bottom of the car on to our garage floor. Ron came to the house to check it out. He explained that the filter was defective (from Mopar). He saw that the oil had sprayed all over the engine while I drove home, and then the oil poured onto the garbage floor. He came back and personally cleaned the floor. Then, I had to drive the car back to the dealership the next day. I waited well over two hours while they did the oil change again, and attempted to clean out the oil from the splattered engine. "Attempted" is because that night it again was dripping on the garage floor. Ron came again to clean it up. I, again, spent over two hours returning to the dealership for them to try and clean the engine. He even gave me a free oil change for the future, because of the continued aggravation. He then told me my complaint was only with Chrysler Jeep and Mopar. I filed a complaint with Chrysler Jeep, because I had concerns that the spill might have caused a future problem with our painted garbage floor, and Ron said his dealership would not file an insurance claim, as it would raise its premium (must have been the owner's O'Hara telling him that). So, Jeep got involved. It was decided that the dealer should do a complete (including engine) detailing of the car, as I requested. They would not do anything about the floor, itself. Plus, when I bring it in, the dealer could do the upgrade of a Jeep recall of its gearshift issue. It was not was confirmed for a day, as I had asked for a loaner car this time (and this dealer doesn't normally have one). in the interim, the car 's brakes are making a strange noise. I am wondering it the sprayed oil has effected them, too? Maybe a complaint with the Attorney General of MA is in order? Or, perhaps a lawsuit? Here's the clincher! Today, I received a call from Ron stating that Mr. O'Hara refuses to honor the agreement at his dealership. He explained that my review with Chrysler Jeep ( even though Ron said it was complimentary to the dealership), caused his dealership to be rated a 3 by Chrysler Jeep. He wouldn't service me ever. he even said the free oil change offer was rescinded. So, I rate them a one star, because there is no zero stars. I guess I should never have started with dealership that looks like it it is run down and should be rebuilt. I have a call into Jeep Corp. again. Who knows what they will do? I can only give them a poor rating, and hope to stop others from thinking of dealing with poorly run dealership again.

I would not recommend this dealer.

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5   Customer Service
5   Friendliness
5   Overall Experience
5   Price
5   Quality of Work

We have dealt with this dealership for 3 different...

By redsoxfan7 on 12/1/2010 at 3:32 AM. Helped by Chris.

We have dealt with this dealership for 3 different vehicles. All were priced very competitively. This dealer also has gone above and beyond to help with service and warranty issues. I will continue to do my Jeep/Dodge business with O'Hara. Buying a vehicle from them is always simple and fast, with none of the headaches you expect when buying a vehicle.

I would recommend this dealer.

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2   Friendliness
1   Overall Experience
1   Price

Paul at O'hara Dodge was not very truthful when dealing...

By iamequus on 8/1/2008 at 11:06 PM. Helped by Paul.

Paul at O'hara Dodge was not very truthful when dealing with my wife. After purchasing our vehicle I went back to go over the numbers and he said he only finalized the deal with my wife and didn't come up with the amounts. I later told my wife this and she said he was the only person she had dealt with. I gave him three business days to get back to me. It's been over two weeks without a phone call. He lied about the discount we were supposed to get through my employer. A difference of close to $1700.00 If you are thinking of buying a Dodge go somewhere else to buy it. A guy I work with also had issues with this dealership. I wish I had known his story first so I wouldn't have been screwed too.

I would not recommend this dealer.